Ai Video: A Loyalty Program for Doing Good

4th May, 2020

Interview with Andy Choi, Founder, Do Good Points

The COVID-19 pandemic is resulting in unmet needs above and beyond the usual. During these times, Do Good Points, being described as the first loyalty program for doing good, has emerged as apt example of how one can overcome issues like donor fatigue, and rather enable one donate to charities without spending a single dollar.       

“We are the first platform where a user does not have to spend a single dollar in order to make a charitable contribution. So just by engaging and interacting, and learning about social causes and organisations within our network they are able to make a charitable contribution. And something we talk about a lot in social impact marketing is donor fatigue. People, honestly from a user standpoint, are getting bombarded with request to donate etc... we intend to offer people a unique way to engage in social impact,” Andy Choi, Founder, Do Good Points told Ai's Ritesh Gupta in an interview.

Choi spoke about the company, association with the travel sector etc. 


Do Good Against also recently bagged The Ai’s Lions’ Den (Ancillary Revenue Edition) Best Product award (judges' choice).