Ai Video: Selling air ancillaries via interactive email

17th October, 2019

Amidst all the talk around simplifying travel, there are times when even simple aspects like checking-in or selecting a seat can be a tedious task or even results in abandonment of a session.

Finding ways to streamline the same also works in favour of an airline as air ancillaries are already playing a key role in stepping up the average order value.

Taking note of painpoints such as copy-pasting of the PNR or e-ticket code on the airline’s site and then going through several clicks, SeatAssignMate worked on an offering that allows passengers to pay for seats, select meals, and check-in bags once they open up their confirmation email.

As Duncan Sham, Founder & Product Manager, SeatAssignMate explains, his team has worked on a dynamic seat map. It is an integral part of an effort that transforms a static email into interactive content. For airlines, this gives their travellers the ability to assign or upgrade a seat directly in their email with minimum friction. The map is displayed right within the customer email, showing real-time airline data. According to Sham, SeatAssignMate connects the email content to the airlines’ PSS system in order to streamline in real-time data.


By Ritesh Gupta

Ai Correspondent


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