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Photo: Miami - host city of the 12th Airline and Travel Payments Summit

The 13th Annual Airline & Travel Payments Summit (ATPS), co-hosted with UATP, was held outside London in Brighton, UK from the 7th to the 9th of May 2019. The theme for the event was Engage, Experience and Execute - are we delivering for customers? In a world where the Internet of Things, and the Internet of Commerce, are fast becoming the day-to-day reality, how will payments and fraud prevention work for customers?  

This event offered three conference tracks in a single venue: 1) Payments Track, 2) Fraud Track, & 3) Loyalty Fraud Prevention Conference Track. It will offered the opportunity to connect with the best content and the best contacts in the industry. Scroll down this webpage to see the agenda.

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Note: Click on this button to see the complete conference agenda or the hot topics to be covered are below.

Stopping Loyalty Program Fraud - the Loyalty Fraud Prevention Conference will be held concurrently to ATPS
Pre-Event Workshops to allow you to get in to the nuts and bolts of fraud & payment challenges
Cyberattacks - what it all means and what you need to do to minimise the risks?
How design of your payments/fraud approach is a key element to deliver a customer-focused experience
Are you able to execute? - where should payments & fraud professionals sit in the organisation? What's the best organisational set-up to be able to deliver for customers?
Regulation & Compliance and their impact on how you can engage with customers - from PSD2, GDPR, PCI and the list goes on!
Conversation Commerce - what it is and why it matters for payments & fraud prevention
What is FINTECH doing in payments & fraud? what are the innovations coming online in 2019 from Fintech providers?
NFC, Wearables and Wallets - how developments here can impact your strategies
The Chinese are coming - more and more Chinese than ever are travelling outbound- can your sell to them in your home markets?
Augmented Analytics - moving beyond just AI, can you use this technology to supercharge not just fraud prevention, but also payment conversion
The Use Cases for Blockchain - moving from talk to delivery- is it here and now for payments or fraud prevention?
Digital Payments - will 2019 be the year digital payments come of age and into the mainstream?
Machine Learning & AI - what are the use cases and how quick are they coming to market?
Do you know who I am? - It's hard to engage with your customers if you don't know who they are!
• The Lions' Den - Payment & Fraud New Product Pitches