Free Ai Events Webinar Recording - Payment orchestration for airlines: Why, what and how?

Date: 13 Oct 2020    Location: On-Demand Webinar    Delegates: 50+

ATPS Pre-Event: Payment orchestration for airlines:
Why, what and how?

Session Overview: Watch the recording for an exclusive online discussion about Payment Orchestration moderated by Paul Van Alfen of Up in the Air, Stephane Druet SVP Product and Marketing and Mark Patrick Global Head of Payments at CellPoint Digital. The hour-long session explores how payment orchestration works and can help airline and travel companies optimize their travel payment eco-systems and improve their conversion rate and margin short term and over the long run.

Points Discussed:
•  What is the best approach to payment orchestration?
•  What is being ‘orchestrated’ and why?
•  Which challenges does payment orchestration solve for airlines and travel companies?
•  How can payment orchestration help airlines and travel companies recover from the Covid-19 crisis?


Maarten Rooijers
Director, Customer Payments, KLM

Paul Van Alfen
Managing Director, Up in the Air 


Stephane Druet

SVP, Head of Product and Marketing, CellPoint Digital

James Booth

VP, Head of Partnerships, PPRO 


Mark Patrick

Global Head of Payments, CellPoint Digital

Brett Turner
SVP, Head of Global Airline Acquiring, Elavon

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