Free Ai Events Webinar Recording - Alternative Payment Strategy Roundtable Webinar with UATP

Date: 14 Jul 2020 - 14 Jul 2020    Location: On-Demand Webinar    Delegates: 100+

Payments Strategy Roundtable

This was our fourth "Airline & Travel Payments Summit" (ATPS) complimentary webinar. Co-hosted with UATP, who issued the world's first charge card and now has become a thought leader in payment strategies. They have also been instrumental in facilitating customers paying for travel with Alternative Forms of Payment (AFP). So we brought this all together in a free online session.

During the webinar, we did a deep dive into the solutions of UATP and two of its payments industry partners, Citcon and Uplift. It looked at how these solutions enable airlines and travel companies to meet travelers' changing payment needs in the Covid Economy.

Watch this free recording to stay ahead and learn about leading edge Alternative Payment solutions.

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Participating Companies:

Rachel Morowitz
VP Alternate Forms of Payments

Tom Botts

Seth Friedman
Head of Payments Partnerships and Specialized Sales

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Christopher Staab co-founded Ai Events as Airline Information back in 2005 and led the company to run the first Airline & Travel Industry conference dedicated to Payments in 2008. Prior, he worked in various executive roles at IATA, Amtrak, the U.S. Department of Transporation and ATPCO. Outside of Ai Events, Chris is also Co-Founder and Chairman of the Loyalty Security Association.


Rachel Morowitz is VP of Alternative Forms of Payment at UATP. She's responsible for UATP's global AFP strategy and leads a team of international professionals who assist UATP's merchants in the area of Alternative Forms of Payment. Prior she worked at Capital One as Director of Consumer Bank Partnerships. She has 20+ years of Consulting, Finance and Payments Experience


Tom Botts is the Chief Commercial Officer at Uplift where he has helped build it into the innovative powerhouse it is today. Before his arrival at Uplift, Tom held executive positions with Delta Air Lines, Hotwire, Starwood Hotels, and Denihan Hospitality Group. In addition, he co-founded the advisory firm Hudson Crossing and was an advisor to Rocketmiles, a startup successfully sold to Priceline.

Seth Friedman is the Head of Payment Partnerships and Specialized Sales at Citcon. Seth is a payments industry veteran with a long history of working both in and with the travel industry. Prior to joining Citcon, he headed Travel and Entertainment Acceptance at Visa, and before that led Commercial Travel acceptance at MasterCard. He began his career in the industry working in leadership roles at Sabre and American Airlines. Seth has an MBA from the University of Michigan and a BA from the University of Rochester. He resides in the San Francisco Bay Area.


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