Free Ai Events Audio Podcast - Payments Chat with UATP

Date: 17 Apr 2020 - 17 Apr 2020    Location: On-Demand Audio Podcast    Delegates: Virtual

Payments Chat with UATP
Audio Podcast

Overview: In this second part of our Podcast series, we chatted with experts from UATP on Payments Strategy. We discussed streamlining refunds and vouchers for cancelled flights, as well as the importance of getting your Alternative Payments Strategy right now before business begins to return, and many payments-related topics in between.

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Hosted By:
Chris Staab

Chris co-founded Ai Events as Airline Information back in 2005. He has led the company to organize the first ever Airline & Travel Industry events dedicated to Frequent Flyer Programs, Ancillary Revenues and Payments. He also co-founded the Loyalty Security Association, where he serves as Chairman, and is an investor and advisor to Travel Technogly start-ups.

Expert Analysis from UATP Provided by:

Rachel Morowitz

Rachel is VP of Alternative Forms of Payment at UATP. She's responsible for UATP's global AFP strategy and leads a team of global professionals who assist UATP's merchants in the area of Alternative Forms of Payment. Prior she worked at Capital One as Director of Consumer Bank Partnerships. She has 20+ years of Consulting, Finance and Payments Experience.

Zach Ornelas
Zach leads UATP's Network Sales department as VP of Global Network Sales. He is responsible for the promotion and expansion of UATP’s Charge Card Network, along with managing new and existing Shareholder and Merchant relationships. Zach has 20 years of payments experience with companies including American Express, MSTS and Point to Point.

Wendy Ward

Wendy is Senior Vice-President of Marketing & Communications at Universal Air Travel Plan (UATP) where she provides leadership and support to team members to develop integrated global marketing initiatives. As the the head of marketing for the company, which launched the world’s first charge card and launched alternative forms of payment in many airlines, Wendy also has deep payment industry experience.

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