What impact will blockchain have for travel? - Blockchain Workshop Sydney

Date: 26 Feb 2019    Location: Sydney, Australia    Delegates: 30+

Photo: A previous Ai Events Session being led by Lance Blockley of hosts, Initiatives Group

Overview: If you Google "blockchain," you'll find an amazing 322 million results. Even IATA, the airline industry trade association, has brought out a paper on the topic. So it must be the right thing to do. Or is it? This Blockchain workshop aimed to review what are the Use Cases for Blockchain at Airlines and Travel Companies, as well as help delegates come away with a better understanding of whether or not the technology is suitable for their companies, or not.

The objectives of this meeting included to:
• Enable participants to get a better understanding of Blockchain & Distributed Ledger technology
• See some of the use cases currently being deployed in the airline & travel industry
• Be able to better answer the question "is blockchain something we should consider for our business?"

The presentations from this workshop will be available shortly. Check back again soon.


Registration & Check-in

Welcome Remarks, Introductions & Overview of Objectives
• Lance Blockley, Director, The Initiatives Group

Digital Identity: Current and proposed use-cases for biometric authentication and authorization
• Jono Kempe, CEO, Verifai

The Impact and Use Case for Blockchain in Travel
• Nick Giurietto, CEO & MD, Australian Digital Commerce Association

Coffee Break & Networking

The Use Case for Loyalty at the Enterprise Level:  What EK, SQ and others are implementing
• Phil Shelper, CEO, Loyalty & Reward Co

Beyond the Distributed Ledger & Cryptocurrency Hype:  What should be your next steps?
• David Ojerholm, Director - Consulting, The Initiatives Group

Closing Remarks
• David Ojerholm, Director - Consulting, The Initiatives Group
• Lance Blockley, Director, The Initiatives Group

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