How to Get Ahead in the Digital World

12th Ancillary Ancillary Merchandising Conference, Edinburgh, 9-11th April 2018

Later next month Ai Events will be in Edinburgh for our Ancillary Merchandising conference.  What a journey it has been over the years, and as digital really starts to impact on airlines being retailers, this year's theme of "Getting Ahead in a Digital World" has never been more apt.  We've already got a great line up of speakers and we're delighted to have WOW Airlines speak and share their insights.

We hope to announce our pre-conference workshop session on the topic of the Digital Customer's User Experience.   So watch this space as it will be a great session.  In the meantime, one of the most forward thinking digital companies, Datalex, who bring together all the elements of a very analogue airline world, has come out with a short video. It gives a great high level view of what digital can allow for travel, especially in an omni channel world, and is a taster of the type of content that we'll have at the Ancillary Merchandising Conference.  More details on that here:

First published, Friday 2nd March 2018


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